Co-founder Kate Scherer began working with the Belli Brands in 2007 in the role of art director at Thread Group agency. There she headed up the team responsible for the rebrand of Pregnancy, Motherhood, and Baby. The collections successfully relaunched, and the efforts immediately increased distribution.

When the Belli brands secured new investment, Kate, now co-founder of Product 360 Creative, was asked to come on board to support the latest brand expansion.

We collaborated on new product launches, in-store displays, in-store marketing, digital and printed materials, and all other creative needs. Product 360 Creative acted as the creative department of Belli from 2008–2012 when the visionary owner and founder, Annette Rubin, eventually sold the brand.


+ Branding
+ Identity
+ Packaging Design
+ Sourcing
+ E-marketing
+ Print Marketing
+ In-store fixtures

Additional Services

+ Photography


Branding & Packaging Design