Co-founder Karen Quimby is most known for her high profile work at Smashbox. As one of a 3 person creative team, she strategically branded, developed, and marketed Smashbox as we know it today.

As Vice President of Product Development from 2000–2006, she was the creator of many stars, most notably her ‘Photo Finish Primer’, so big it inspired a new category in beauty. When the company was purchased, Lauder hailed Karen’s ‘Photo Finish’ collection as the primary reason for the company’s success. ‘Photo Finish’ currently accounts for 20% of the overall business and is still a top selling SKU at Sephora and other large mass retailers.


+ Led team in developing over 400 innovative new products
+ Increased sales and broadened distribution opportunities
+ Developed exclusive product for Sephora and QVC
+ Sourced innovation and trend internationally
+ Improved profitability sourcing worldwide suppliers
+ Established operations protocol, procedure, forms & structure
+ Hired, trained and managed the QC/regulatory department


Product Development